Android App exits directly after Start

After I successfully packed both the mobile temple and the 3d person starter content, they started on my Nexus 7 I got an short black screen and then I got the message “Mobile/AndroidTest2 has exited”. Nothing more.

Does anyone have an Idea what I can try? Or does anyone know how I can get the log from the app on the android device?

Hereis a Link to the Answer Hub Question

I ve got a nexus 7, I’ve sucessfully run one of my project, I didn’t try mobile temple though.
At first it also crashed on my nexus 7, you need to deactivate “mobile hdr”, edit->project settings->rendering->uncheck “mobile hdr”-> set as default, then give it a try. :slight_smile:

We are able to run Mobile Temple on the Amazon Fire TV but the performance is lacking.

Edit: Tried both the First Person, and Third Person Blueprints and got similar results - a gray background with the HUD icons on each side.