An update to the latest update and still haven't updated marketplace content???

I don’t understand how Epic can update the game engine to 4.19 and 4.19.1 without taking the time to get all the marketplace assets updated first so we can use the stuff we’ve paid for in the latest engine version. I still have 20 assets that are not updated and their creators assure me they have submitted the updates. SO I ASK WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR SWEET TIME WITH THESE UPDATES. At this rate 4.20 will be released and I still wont be able to use my assets in 4.19!!

Yeah this kinda stuff is really annoying

Ok, what assets do you have that CANT be used in 4.19?

Only a few bunch of plugins might have issues from 4.18 to 4.19. Animations, Blueprints, models, materials and effects are likely to not have any issue.

They are all either plugins or blueprints whose creators have added thing to the 4.19 updates so I can’t just use the 4.18 versions or I would.

I am not writing this complaint just because I enjoy complaining. I actually enjoy giving great ratings and raving reviews of products and services that truly deserve it. I love the Unreal Engine and their staff and community are amazing, but I just felt I needed to let them know they still have some of us at their mercy waiting to be able to use things we’ve purchased.

I believe the rules for content creators say they have 10 days of an engine update to get their updates submitted. Well here we are at least a month into the update and it seems the content creators have followed the rules but epic staff apparently don’t have a required time to get those updates published for their content creators. That doesn’t seem right to me, especially if customers are not purchasing those content creators products because they say they aren’t compatible with the latest engine version even though there updates are sitting waiting for approval.

Unfortunately the time they take to process updates is very very long.
It’s like this since forever.

I got mines through in about a week, a week and a half. I think it is much reasonable.

Plugins are the ones which takes more time to review, actually we have 10 days to send an update when a new engine version releases and on top of that they ask for 15 business days to review, supposing the review goes flawless, thats about an entire month from the engine release.