an "update" for UE4 is out, is it safe to stay on the bleeding edge with unreal?

so I see a new update came out and was wondering if we are suppose to keep updating or, can the updates break my game?

we learned the hard way with apple, if it works dont try to fix it…

Unless there’s a feature in a new version that you want/need then it’s best to stick with a version if it’s working fine for you. However, if you choose to upgrade later on it will be more difficult to upgrade to an even later release. Things can definitely break, features change and get removed and it can happen in a way that requires you to redo some work.

I go through the release notes searching for bug fixes that annoyed me and only then decide whether it’s worth it. Improvements for the things that I use are important, too and only then consider brand new features.

I have a side project that started in 4.11 and is now running in 4.20.1. There has yet to be an update that did not break something. The transition with the Compile Manager around 4.16-4.18 was a little nightmare while 4.18 - 4.20 was a breeze in comparison. I can imagine that updating something moderately complex from 4.15 - 4.20 in one go might be virtually impossible, especially if you use a lot of structs.

tl;dr make backups

It will take a long time for me to complete my project. Knowing that it makes sense to stay with the latest release. I get the most up to date features plus all the bug fixes (lets not forget those). If I choose not to upgrade now, it will become more difficult if not impossible to do it later.

Just my 2 cents.

You can only really tell in hindsight, however here’s two reasons to hold off.
Informal survey: For many devs 4.10 was very stable… 4.18 not bad either.
4.21 / 4.22? Impossible to know! But where there’s doubt there is no doubt…
Always make a Copy… BACKUP your project first or there will be tears…:stuck_out_tongue: