An FX hole that probably isn't a hole?

So, I just came across this lovely example of some FX made in UDK: and I was wondering how it was that she was able to make it look like portal made a hole in the ground when (I am fairly sure) that isn’t actually the case. And if anyone can figure out what she did in UDK, would it still be possible to do such a thing in UE4? Cuz that effect is WICKED SICK YO!

There are a bunch of way to achieve this and it’s a really tricky effect to actually type the whole process. However if someone is willing to write a wall of text by all means. I would look into how you make an oil leak decal.

Oooh, very nice effect. Yeah, I’d like to know how it was done too. It looks just like the Tesseract portal in The Avengers.

Zero, personally, I would love to read a wall of text if it had what I wanted to know. :smiley:

You mention something about an oil leak decal… is that from somewhere specific in the UE4 forums or elsewhere? A link to what you are talking about would be greatly helpful, or if you could direct me to any sources of info on any of the multiple ways you say this can be done. It would be much appreciated.

I’m talking about “How” Would you give the illusion of something being deep if it’s just a flat plane? Normal maps, And how would you give the illusion of a projected reflection such as depth etc? Just like we create a specular for an oil spill rainbow on it’s black surface.

Now combine all of those with some other effects and you will be amazed, I believe there is one more trick in his effect as well which i will figure out first before giving out false ideas sorry.

PS: Forgot to mention meshes.