An excellent computer games designed for heavy and amazing graphics is?

Hello, are you good hope
A great computer game design with amazing graphics (best graphics quality) and what is heavy?,
I can best play with graphic design as well as performance testing and I introduce you?,
I will be grateful
And a Quadro graphics card is another question whether finishing the game with great graphics and the game went Design,
When I heard this, I ask the graphics card for rendering does not see a problem?,
What do you recommend for a great computer game with the best graphics design?,
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It’s hard to see what you are trying to say, but I’ll give it a go. I assume you are asking for advice about what kind of PC to buy.

  1. It all depends on your budget.
  2. Don’t bother with a Quadro, unless you are a 3D modelling professional. You just need a normal Radeon/Geforce GPU.

Thank you dear friend for accountability
But I think I mean you do not understand
I mean, I’m a professional graphic design and output of my game (preferably 4k or 8k). Is the video card quadro can build a professional and take the test or not?
In general, my word is that I see with this card will eventually reduce the quality of the game with Unreal and also tested the game with the graphics?
If not, what do you recommend to buy a computer that I would experience the highest graphics with Unreal
Thank you dear friend

For UE4 the best graphics card is Geforce Titan X --this is also the most expensive available

Quadro is for 3ds Max/Maya, but the Titan X would be good also

If you want to save money–Geforce 980 Ti is a better value

Thank you very much my friend good luck
So I got Geforce 980 Ti
You’re really quick response. That’s great
I hope to always be successful and proud
Both you and the rest Developers

Honestly, if you have the budget for a Quadro/Firepro…they’re is no reason NOT to get a Quadro/Firepro.

No, you may not NEED one, but you can surely utilize it.

The card wouldn’t be a waste of cash.

~ Jason

For games the GTX 980Ti would be faster than the fastest Quadro

Thank you very much for Jason Tips
I think 980Ti effective and worth and appropriate

thanks dear
Yes, in general terms returned to 980ti
It’s just a question of rendering 980ti in question is too strong?
I’m sorry this was a long debate

I thought that the quadros were like the ordinary geforce models but with stricter manufacturing specs and higher float precision.

I don’t think that the 980ti would be too strong. Just keep in mind the consumer PC… Which probably has a lot of 980’s themselves.

GTX 960 is the middle, what you want for average play
GTX 980Ti is 1080p and 4k with highest settings

I would use GTX 980Ti for development, to make things easier, but keep in mind that people with slower machines need things to run well also.

In some cases, it would be good to buy a slow machine, like GTX 950 and i3 CPU so that you can test how it runs for those types of systems

Thank you very much for the friends that got good tips
I have a great parts for computers that are going to want to develop an online game (independently) I designed the graphics for the system specs I want
The content was very helpful helped me thanks
Good luck loved ones