An app built into the engine that can search for and repath reference files ...

Hi guys,

Adobe After Effects has a really nice little feature by which it can search for any missing files
needed in your compositing script as you navigate through folders and begin to repath them.
Meaning that if you had to move your project file / script to anther machine or another drive,
After Effects wouldn’t find all the movie clips and other elements that you had set up in the project.
All the paths changed.
So now if you go and find just one of the missing files, After Effects will look at everything else in the folder
you go into and see if any other of the missing files are in there and just repath them automatically.
This saves you tons of time so you dont have to repath every single file that is missing.

I just moved my Unreal project to another machine and also onto a local drive with a different name.
If I try to do a build, Unreal warns me that it couldn’t find all the files, textures, etc. that is needed to
build your map.
Its a very long list.
Just wondering if Unreal has a feature built in already by which it can look in the folder you go to to just
find one of the missing files and search on its own and repath what it finds.
So you dont have to repath each and every one manually.

If it does please let me know.
If not can we maybe see something like that in the future?

Thank you!!

Right click on the content browser and then click on Fix-up redirectors…
Then re-open the project, any improvement? How’s the Asus, any crashes? :stuck_out_tongue:

O.k. thanks will try that. Asus good so far no crashes. I haven’t had time to work in Unreal on it yet I am on a paying gig
at the moment on another machine. I started moving my game project over to the new machine so I will see in about 2 weeks.

Uhm … yeah actually just had my 2nd crash while playing a multiplayer game online.
The machine doesn’t crash but the game does.
Now I am a little worried :slight_smile: