An $800 contest for UE games modding enthusiasts (problem with material)

Hi all. We making a major mod for GTA: SA: DE (it runs on Unreal Engine 4.26, that’s why I’m here, I think some of you have an idea why this is happening) and ran into one problem. We know a workaround, but would like to solve it at the root. We are willing to pay from $800 who can solve the problem. We’re a fairly major project (, so it’s not a scam.

Problem description

The game refuses to open the custom .uasset file with material (UMaterial or UMaterialInstance) that was created inside the UE editor. However, other types of assets (static mesh, etc.) work fine. When trying to run the game it will either crash when trying to dereference a null pointer ( (if the material is very simple), or produce a dialog box with something like this: “It was expected to read X when the material file was opened, but Y was read”.

We need

Find a way to make the game work with the materials created in the UE editor. Accepted all ways: change the source code UE, patches in the game, plugin for UE. Important: the material must be from UE EDITOR. Other ways to create material are not accepted (changing the original file, etc.).

Demonstration of the problem

Contact email:
Email subject: “Решение проблемы | UE TRILOGY”

(the letter can be written in English or in Russian)