Ambitious indies anonymous - Share your big ideas and comment on others


For starters, this is not a thread to pitch an idea of mine that may not see the light of day. This is sort of a gathering thread made to share big and ambitious ideas and to comment (as politely as possible) on such ideas. I don’t mean to crush anyone’s ideas of being the next Triple-A game developer, and Heaven knows I’ve still got some of that ego. I’m just opening this thread as an Alcoholics anonymous, Indie developer edition type of thing. I will start with my story.

I am Overmind5000. (My real name I may share later) I hope to make an RPG game that meets several demographics with Unreal Engine 4. I have a rudimentary+ understanding of game design, I have mastered (at least to a certain minimum) the skills needed to make decent 3d assets and animations, and I am also looking into C++ code and blueprint. My game plans to deviate from the typical Elves-dwarves-orcs combo seen in every RPG ever, and I may even for kicks and giggles nest some sci-fi elements into it. I also aim for immersion and realistic gameplay in tandem with graphics that will be spiffy and realistic. I also intend to make a console release for the Xbox One, as well as make the game moddable via Steam Workshop and Nexus. I have codenamed this game, Project Amber Prophecy.

Feel free to share your input, but nothing along the lines of “Your idea sucks! My idea is WAY better!” Feel free to tell me to start small, but I might not listen, since I’ve made decent progress with some core mechanics. If you want, you may share progress updates on your game idea as well, as I might do the same, since I like having as few forum threads as possible.

With that, post away, and try your best to withhold any rude comments.

My name is Uprentiss and I am an alcoho—wait I am a gameaholic…lol I think your idea sounds amazing and I would never tell you it is to big nor would I tell yuo that you can not accomplish it…In fact I support you and think you can, it will be great and I shall be one of the first in line to buy it. Your idea sounds fun as I love rpg but gets a little boring with all the same ideas all the time.

My game shall be open world, I am not a designer nor modeler at ALL . I am a computer science major who can barely draw a straight line art wise. So that is my biggest hurdle as well as understanding the engine as it seems to be more designed for artists then programmers. but I have yet to explore it deep enough.

Thank you for your input. Seeing as you are under a computer science major, I would imagine you have some understanding of computer languages such as C++. I’ve actually tapped into the code API, and it’s fairly easy to get a grip of, and C++ for me was a tough language to comprehend beforehand.

I’m another coder who can’t draw for toffee. (For non-native English speakers, this means “not very well” :)).

I think the realism of the graphics is the biggest stumbling block between what new indie devs want to make, and are capable of making. The gameplay elements are the easiest thing to build in the engine, the art, not so much. :frowning:

As the saying goes “Programmer art is still better than artist programming,” speaking as an artist type

… Hi… My name is JimmothySanchez, and I too am an overly ambitious indie. I’ve had an idea for a game I wanted to make for years. I’ve tried to write it a few time but every time stopped and decided it was way too much for someone without experience to write by himself. It’s a first person shooter versus real time strategy game based in a a world inspired by cult science fiction and horror films. I’ve got a background in computer science and I’ve dabbled in art but neither skill is as strong as I’d like them to be. Right now the game is coming along slowly but it’s making improvements. I’m learning as I go. There’s a ton of work to go but I’m really enjoying my time working on this project. I feel that if it wasn’t so ambitious I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. I probably would have given up on it a long time ago.

There is a game i dream of, wich is pretty much impossible even for a full AAA team. I just use that to try to build parts of it to learn stuff.
The idea its a fully procedural RPG. and when im talking fully procedural, im talking 100% procedural. The stories, the land, the monsters, the quests, are all randomly generated. Like in minecraft, you can just walk in a direction and find new cities with their own stuff and monsters to slay. World being procedurally generated minecraft style, just higher fidelity. And full AI for the NPCs in the cities, cities generated on a simulation that its done, wich simulates all the history and lore of the world. Think minecraft + witcher + dwarf fortress + dungueons and dragons. Bonus points to add coop mode to get friends in your world.
Currently working on a opengl infinite terrain using voxels, wich works ATM. The AI needed would be completely insane and pretty much impossible to do at that scale, but i can have fun trying to add stuff to it.