Ambient sounds, transition techniques help!

Hello guys,

I need some help with how I in the easiest way deal with different ambient sounds in the same level/map.

Lets say I have a small village with one ambient sound looping in stereo. Outside, there’s another sound and in the village are small buildings where I’ve placed interior stereo ambient sounds.

Now how do I go about volumes(dB) for these sounds? Well when I move into the village ambient sound area I want the outside sound to fade out and the village ambient sound fade in. How do I do that the easiest way?

Now when going inside one of the village buildings I want the village ambient sound to fade out to a certain volume (decreased) and the inside interior ambient sound to to fade in.

I find it very difficult to control the ambient actor borders if I have many in one map. Also, not every building is a four edges box, so is there a way to “paint out” exactly where the boundaries should be?

How do you guys solve these matters? Really need som help with this, cause everything I do, feels weird.