Am i wasting my time learning blueprints?

Blueprints is an amazing system.

is it a waste of time to learn something with virtually no learning curve?.. no, not really

I have a multiplayer shooting game on Steam that was done with Blueprints and now I am making templates to sell on marketplace.
Blueprint system is the best thing happened to game engines :slight_smile:

i think i read somewhere that benchmarks between games built with UE4 using blueprints, and identical games built on unity with all the same assets, just the scripts converted manually into C# showed blueprints to be just as fast as C# used by unity, cryengine, etc… im coding a game in blueprints right now… if i run into issues with it, it doesnt really require a huge amount of efforts to convert what you already have into a function C++ script… but i’ll cross that road if i ever come to it