Am I missunderstanding Blueprints?

I made a blueprint that gives me the ability to change a city block size when placed into the world editor, which then calculates how many lots a city block can be divided into. This subdivision algorithm is calculated by picking a random lot size and continues to subdivide the city block until it reaches its smallest lot size value. I am now in the process of placing this blueprint into the world editor, but the blueprint changes the subdivided lots as I move the blueprint around in the world editor, which is not what I expected. I was really thinking that I could create this type of blueprint to generate only once per city block that I drop into the world editor. Meaning, once I drop it into place, and then, if I need to move the block in a different location, I don’t want the blueprint to continue to regenerate the different lot sizes again. Is this possible, or am I misunderstanding how Blueprints work?

You need to set a seed for the generation, otherwise it’s randomly placing them upon every modification. I figured it out from the nodes in the BP_Random_Foliage from (I think) the Blueprint Examples project, but there’s also this here: which explains how it works and what you’ll need to do.

The problem you are having is your code is set in the construction script. There is a limitation with blueprint that every re-positioning will re-call construction script.

Wow, thank you thepawnproject. This was very helpful, and I also found this video made things much clearer.