Am i missing something, or is this a bug report ?


i write this here because it’s in Blueprints, but maybe it’s a bug report and i don’t know how to put it in this case.

I’m trying to write a camera control that moves the camera just like the camera in the unreal level editor.
Before i’m integrating the mouse, i try to make the functions for the keyboard.

For the up/down rotation of the camera i made what can be seen on “screen.png” (It’s not ready because the thing i describe here happens).

  • The “ViewPlayer0” is a Pawn that has the camera attached to it.
  • “ViewportRotateDistance” is set to 5.0
  • “ViewportRotateInterval” is normally set to 0.02 but i tried 1.0 to check whether following is happend at lower speed too, and is does.
  • “PitchToMinus70” is, as is says, set to -70
  • “VP_BlockCompleteRotation” is set to true.

When i rotate down (i didn’t try up after described things happend) it function as it should, and when the rotation reaches “-69.999931” it rotates the next time correctly.
But when it reaches “-74.999924” it can be rotated one more time before the Branch that checks whether it’s under -70 does his work. It does his work but one keystroke later as it
should, at “-79.999886”. (Coordinates seen in “screen2.png”)
At the next keystroke the Pitch is set to -70, as it should, but it should be two keystrokes earlier, after it reaches “-74.999924” where it’s actually rotating one more time.

I don’t know if i missing something or if this is a small bug.

Perhaps someone of you like to help me to get the reason for this behaviour.

English is not my native language, sorry if it’s bad :slight_smile: