Am I in right place


   So I don't waste any more time goofing around with yet another software should Unreal be part of my pipeline? What am I wanting to do, well not make a game that's for sure! Am I anti games hell no I love them I just don't want to write one. So again what am I wanting to do? Well I work in the jewellery industry teaching jewellers how to make jewellery using Rhino, Matrix, TSplines and Vray. Thing is the animation and rendering capabilities of these programs are limited a system hungry. I want to create animated scenes for the jewellery to sit in.

I have been creating render assets for the past 4 months using ZBrush, Blender, Quixel and now Megascans. But as I have said animation in Rhino using Vray is super slow at 1920 x 1080 taking 2 days to do a 250 frame at 25FPS. Soooo I’m thinking Unreal may be the answer I’m looking for. From what I’ve seen it looks like it is but I’m unsure.

Any advice will be well received.

Yes I think that would work just fine. For jewelry it can do really nice reflections, and it sounds like it would be pretty simple scenes. You can set up animations in Blender and export them to UE4, or you could animate some simple stuff like cameras in UE4 directly.
The big challenge for people wanting to use UE4 for visualizations is the lighting where you have to unwrap the UV’s that will be used for lightmaps and then wait for things to build. But–depending on what you’re doing, you might not need lightmaps and you could use dynamic lighting.

Game engines render in real-time; so they cannot reproduce proper raytracing, much less raytraced refractions/reflections (which is what took you 2 days on VRay).
You can achieve very good results in Unreal Engine, but don’t expect physically accurate raytraced lighting effects.