Alvaro Abreu - C++ Programmer / Game Designer, Counseling



  • Over 5 years of experience with multiple programming languages (C++,UnrealScript,Java,Lua)
  • Blueprint Scripting & Creation of custom nodes and events
  • Deep understanding of Unreal Engine 3 & 4 (UI,Physics,AI,Animation,Materials,C++ Based Gameplay Mechanics etc)

Game Design & Technical Artist

  • Wrote extensive Game Design Document for a sandbox survival game explaining the game core,mechanics,atmosphere,environment,vision etc
  • Designed the workflow for cuteable-trees to be used in the game engine & gameplay mechanic
  • Worked togeter with a animator on the creation of multiple animation nodes, & workflow for TFP-Based animations
  • Basic Shaders for gameplay ( Weapon Degradation,Hit masks, Damage Text,Master material for stylized props )

Previous Work

  • Dead Crusade 1st/3rd person Medieval Survival Horror RPG (Implemented UI,Modifications to the Weapons System,Melee Blending & Melee functionality,RPG Mechanics)
  • RPG Framework (Basic RPG Framework including Level Up,Quests,Melee Combat, Inventory etc )
  • Survivor Forgotten World
  • War Sim Game Design Document And Integration of mechanics into UE4
  • Android Hunter A: Megaman Inspired Action Platformer (Implementation of custom movement mechanics, such as dashing and wall sliding, Shooting functionality, vehicles , camera modifications to allocate for a “old-school” gameplay, etc)
  • Counseling for a Client Survival-Sci Fi game (Best way to re-organize his classes and implementation of future game mechanics, long-term planning, Best Implementation & Starting Point for Survival-Related features such as Crafting)
  • Lunar Colony:Top Down Moon Colony management game (Implementation of all the UI using UMG & C++ code, Inventory system for the player, AI Behavior for citizens, RTS-Styled structure spawning (Grid snapping & mouse control to place buildings )
  • The Tavern:Extensive AI Work (Clients that can spawn, move into the tavern, pick seats , order drinks as well Random behavior ), Customer/Client Race & Type system, implementation of drinks that the player can buy and customers can drink, Modular Tavern Creation:Implementation of a feature that allows the player to place down “rooms” that are connected to the tavern, allowing for modular layouts made by the player, Room-Specific Properties some clients only take seats on rooms that match their “Race” , Extensive work on AI Simulation
    (AI bots have their own likes and dislikes, react differently based on these stats and whats arround them , Dynamic AI Grouping and Fighting
    Crafting System for drinks, Drag n Drop functionality for UI, Customer Profile Generation using data tables, Stock Management and Supply Orders etc )
  • **Woodbound: **Extensive Work on AI Simulation, (Villagers that have a set of needs, as well as multiple tasks that can be assigned to them, interrumpted, resumed ) , and Meta-Game, Custom AI Path-finding to suit for an open-world environment

I worked in multiple positions in Survivor ( Technical Artist, Game Design, Shaders,Programming,Rigging,Animation)

  • Wrote a extensive game design outlining the game features,gameplay,world,atmosphere,vision
  • Worked together with the animator in the implementation of the workflow for special animations (Melee,Using Objects )
  • Wrote various systems to help the game design to be easier ( Realtime Item Creation, Cuteable trees placement using landscape )
  • Created various basic shaders to be used in the game
  • Worked with the UI Artist to implement all the interfaces trough Flash/Scaleform and the scripting of these
  • Rigged & ported the interactive objects for the engine ( Beds,Weapons etc )
  • Completed a fully working prototype of the game that included all the basic features ( Inventory,Melee,RPG,AI,Meta-Living World)

**Counseling **
Im also available For **Counseling ** via Email / Skype or any other methods you prefer

I offer counseling in the Following Topics

  • Game Design & Integration into UE4:How to properly organize your idea into a Useable Game Design Document and implementation into UE4
  • C++:Any type of question UE4 C++ Related (Best implementation for a Specific Feature,Using Blueprints for your own sub-systems ,How to Get Started, etc )
  • How to Get Started with Game Development:Based in your skills and knowledge ill do my best to offer you a good start in the wonderfull world of gamedev!

Past Work

Medieval combat kit

Multiplayer Fully Customizable and complete kit focused on melee-combat using swords and shields

Android Hunter A

For Android Hunter A i implemented Platformer-like features as well some that were inspired by games like megaman including ( Dashing,Wall Sliding, Modifications to the camera to be more “old-school”, Changes to the jump mechanic to also work more alas a old-school platformer, Implementation of proper velocity changes & momentum into the dashing & jumping so they can be chained together ,Implementation of normal shooting projectiles and “Charged” shots, basic AI bots ( And a flying one ) , Implementation of special attacks and a bike vehicle

Marketplace Blueprint Asset Merge

I Was tasked to merge various blueprints from the marketplace into a single project and being sure they all worked correctly with each other, I did so as well
ported most of the blueprints to the latest version of the engine and fixed all the incompatibilities and issues that came with the latest version of the engine
(UMG Minimap, Inventory System, Enemy Targetting System, Complete Health Pack, Blueprint Dialogue System, Easy Save and Load, Quality Menu, Realistic Weapons Blueprint
Weapon Equipping System)

Dead Crusade
Extensive work on the melee system (Hit Detection, Damage Dealing, etc), UI, HUD, Adjustments to the desmembration system

Parkour Movement System


Additional Info
Im **NOT **looking for royalty based positions

Private Message on the forums
Thanks for your Time !


Please check your skype :smiley:

Alvaro Abreu is an amazing game developer. Within 24 hours of contacting him, he completed multiple drafts of my Game Design Document, which ended up being 10 pages long. He included everything I asked for, and added a lot of valuable ideas to my game. Being a programmer myself, he also game me solid tips on how I should go about programming the game. I recommend everyone to hire Alvaro Abreu to help your game for your own benefit. Your game probably sounds like a good idea now, but with his help, the game will be at least twice as good :D. Thank you so much for helping me Alvaro.

Thanks Blackgate it was a pleasure to work on your GDD, looking forward the full game !



Nice! I’ll PM you

a friend is looking for a programmer. it’s a paid contract of roughly 1 month of work, related to network code
from the description the task seems highly technical, and it’s for idtech4 (doom3’s open-source code). if you’re interested let me know

Thanks for the offer Chosker!, but for now ill have to say no i Really need to improve in the networking area, But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

sent you a PM

Alvaro has been very helpful and I highly recommend him!

I’ve known Alvaro for a bit and he’s a great guy.
I definitely recommend him for any project that his skills would be appreciated in.


can you make landscape? from concepts

Im a Game Designer and programmer , A level designer takes care of the task you have named

Still available ! Added a megaman inspired game prototype i did for a client including Megaman-Like movement ( Dashing,Wall Slide, Wall Jump, Custom Jumping gravity ) , Modifications to the camera etc

I came here to recommend Alvaro as a great asset to game development. I’m a software engineer with a lot of programming experience, just not in Unreal Engine 4. Proper organization is very important in this engine and I was having trouble organizing and implementing several major pieces of functionality for my game. Alvaro was able to help me organize all of the functionality I wanted into an proper and efficient structure. I am now able to code the functionality with proper direction and avoid setbacks caused by “trail and error” implementations.

I will be consulting him again with future development hurdles and roadblocks and possible contract programming work. He used his knowledge and experience from creating games in Unreal Engine 4 to help me create my development plan. Highly recommended.

Thanks again Alvaro.

I’d be interested in your programming/blueprint skills most certainly. I sent you a PM

Hey there, would you at all be interested in programming the blueprints for a First Person, Open-world, Survival, Antarctic, narrative innovating game set in 1911? We really need the help establishing the weather system and player stats e.g health, hunger, hydration, frostbite in time for September where we release a small pre-alpha to a controlled amount of people (30). If you are interested, please contact me at Thanks!

The game is planned to be released next November or December, hopefully to hit Steam. We plan for the final game to be respected as much as ‘Dear Esther’, if you’ve heard of that game. It is also royalty, so you would get paid after release.

I sent you a PM