Alternate sources for 3D models, including animatable humans

Beyond the Unreal Marketplace what are the good sources to find and buy 3D models for use in Unreal? Preferred formats and specs for use with Unreal?
How about animatable humans with compatible body and face rigging to use within Unreal?

On CGTrader and TurboSquid you can find plenty of 3D models at cheap prices. Many would need some fixing or re-painting/painting proper textures, Blender and ArmorPaint would be enough to do that.
For humans characters creation you can rent ZBrush and buy Human ZBuilder v3 plugin on GumRoad. Or you could get the Reallusion Character Creator 3.3 , then there is Poser 11.3 (right now is on sale on . Nukeygara Akeytsu for rigging and animation which is a rent-to-own software. Marvelous Designer for creating clothes. Or Modeling Cloth or Cloth Weaver addons for Blender…

You missed MakeHuman for free/decent base models.

Thanks for all the suggestions.