ALS v4, need help trying to put new animation

hi, so im new to ue4, and i found the advanced locomotion system v4, its pretty cool, so im trying to do something with it,
i wanna put a slide animation, when i press a button when he is in spriting “mode”, but i dont find the blueprint that connects input
to animations. One more thing, is ALS root motion ? im trying to add the mixamo slide animation, but i dont know if it is root motion aswell.
anyways, thx in advance.

You can play that animation using animation montage through the update graph in the animBP and use the slot of action group because it’s a full body animation. But if it’s not full body it will be a little complicated because you have to use the overlay system and use the correct curves to get the disagreed effect.
Most off people using ALS feel exited and try to add more option but it’s not the correct way you should give your self time learning its basics and get used to all its implementations before trying to change to not feel frustrated.

Thanks, i will try that. i know i should try something easier, but i cant help myself lol… im always trying these type of things instead of something more basic.