Alpha lerp 2 vectors based on timeline varies with time length

I am setting the blueprint for an elevator that moves between two levels. Movement should be defined by a timeline function that outputs a float to be used as alpha to lerp between two locations, one for each level. Standard setup, as far as I’ve understood.

What I am expecting is to see my elevator reach target level when the float value of the function is 1, but it’s not what I see. First of all the level reached is different, but what is truly weird is that if I change the function time length, the location reached varies as well even if output float remains 1.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for help.

It would be a lot easier to id the problem if you show us your setup, including the timeline.

In any case, here is a simple elevator bp, using lerp and timeline (0-1):



PS: “level0” and “level1” are simple actors indicating the start-end positions of the elevador.

This is the only setup that actually works as expected.
I can’t indeed figure out how to get location referred on blueprint xyz origin for my main mesh Piattaforma (get actor does not work) and have to check world location for the “set relative location” node to work as i want. I have tried with “add local offset” but that’s what was causing the weird behaviour i mentioned since it seems to add resulting delta for each frame.

(world location is a variable i set on Play Begin, L1 is the height difference between start and target levels, delay is needed for further interaction with other BP)

Why don’t you do as in the EvilCleric example? Isn’t that a lot more simple?

Problem was that the mesh targeted for the action had been moved within blueprint. The second version i had posted worked because it used global xyz0.
Now i have set a Scene component and nested within elements such as doors, buttons and so on. Relative location node refers to actor placement within its parent’s xyz0, so if you keep the actor you want to move at 0,0,0 within its parents xyz0 and move elemets around by moving their parent’s scene component you are fine. I know this might sound obvious to experienced users, but i’ve just begun to find my way in the program :smiley: