Almost there! Downloading files...

So i guess this is not a common issue but rather a bug for some, i will explain a little bit. (Maybe this thread can be moved in the bug section, sorry)

Yesterday i was stuck in the launcher with the message “Almost there! Downloading files”. I now figured it was an engine update running in the background, but at that time i was just stuck at launcher startup, all blocked by the message. I am now in the verifying stage of the engine so this is a bug showing up while actually updating/installing an engine. This should only show when the launcher needs to update and restart right? Blocking the whole Launcher/Marketplace/News UI because there is a slow downloading engine update in the background seems not intended.

Old Post:
Thats what she said…
Not cool, let me work on my project please. I restarted it two times and it is still showing the “Almost there!” screen (and yes, i waited half an hour for it to go away).

For Southpark fans:
Oh so you want to load your project? Oh no, how unfortunate, we only have the complete launcher package…