Allow more freedom with file/object names

It’s really restrictive to not be able to use spaces or any special characters in file & object names.

I come from the CAD world with nearly no restrictions, and when importing files into Unreal with Unreal Studio, it’s really bad to lose part names.

An example of a part name could be “LED ceiling light, White, Ø95 OD”.


Agree! Its silly season here! You can re-name a project with _ and -
And if you double-click on it from Windows Explorer, Editor loads it.
Project loads fine and all the Plugin options are read in just fine too…
But you can’t open that project via Editor-File-Open/Launcher WTF? :mad:

In code the spaces and special characters can cause errors, it’s extremely common to have naming conventions avoid those for that reason.

UDK didn’t suffer as much from this problem though iirc…

This is a very silly thread, naming conventions exist and are enforced for a reason.