Allow for quick cycling through view ports / switching

In id’s Radiant you can Alt+Tab, and cycle your maximized viewport to the next. Its very convenient and you can see a lot more detail in what you’re working with instead of four smaller viewports.

Similarly to UE4/UDK, Maya has the 2x2 viewport (typically) but it allows switching between views much easier than UE4. In Maya, hitting spacebar will maximize / de-maximize(?) what ever viewport my mouse cursor is over. So I can go from Perspective to Top view in two key presses and just moving my mouse. In UE4/UDK, the default Alt-X (in UDK at least) is kind of an awkward keypress already, but I also have to click which viewport in order to make it my active viewport (never really been a fan of that the “active” nature anyways, I’ve had “Play” moments where no inputs work because I wasn’t technically clicked on the perspective viewport).

If you guys could do either or both of these, it would only make your tools even more efficient. Anyways, thats my 2cents.


Hi sarchasm,

Thank you for your feedback, we will take this into consideration. Have a great day!