Allegorithmic Bought By Adobe

In case anyone wanted to know, the juggernaut has scooped up Allegorithmic:

Well I guess I am never getting another update. Luckily Allegorithmic tools are quite capable as they are and I expect that will remain true for quite some time.

Yeah same here. There are some that will defend the predatory practices and perpetual licenses from Adobe, but I’m not one of them. We’re already finding alternatives. Affinity replaced our Photoshop uses, and now we’re looking for alternatives to Allegorithmic’s tools.

Definitely bad news as far as I’m concerned. I stopped using photoshop when adobe switched to renting licenses. Not sure if there are any good alternatives.

++1 to that!

Epic is next in line. :smiley:

Ps. joking don’t get scared, yet.

PPs. Good i have (2 years old) but perpetual license.

The way things are, Epic is more likely to buy them out at this particular point in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I highly recommend you get the latest perpetual license for both Substance Designer and Painter before it gets shut down. They have improved a lot over the last 2 years. The nature of designer means that it will remain a viable product even without updates for a good amount of time. Given Adobe’s history you can pretty much forget any further improvements. Lock down that license while you can.

It was indie, there is not other upgrade but monthly plan. Which sums to almost twice of full price over a year.
Will probably get both of them next month.

I was planning to dive into Sunstance (the three of them, but mainly Designer). So after the Adobe news I am also considering a perpetual license (I’ve already abandoned Photoshop for Affinity, it’s interesting to see how much love and confidence Adobe inspires in the comunity :-D). But I’m worried for the plug-in. Wouldn’t that be a problem if future versions of UE4 update with new Substance plug-ins that are not backwards compatible with current Allegorithmic licenses?
I supose you can allways produce the textures without the plug-in, but isn’t that too limiting? Just asking from an ignorance standpoint.

By the way, Allegorithmic staff insists that the moove is not mainly about money (laughts, here), but about resources and muscle to work on their tools. Looks to me like they are betting hard on AI as the future but don’t feel confident enough to make this step in a fast and competitive way on they own. Your thoughts?

they updated the plans since the last time I looked, the 20 dollar plan isn’t bad at all considering source and designer are almost never on sale. On that note blender now has a texture painter and god willing sometime soon a texture maker and texture library.

yeah you can its just a little time consuming and a pain to keep track of. the biggest (well only) thing is you cannot see how your material looks in the editor in real time.

Every software is turning into subscriptions.
And I’m quitting all of them. Sad…

Substance Painter/Designer will move to Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and there is where they die to me.

If Adobe are smart (which I doubt) and want to retain the sizable amount of people using Substance (which I doubt less), they’ll do what Facebook did when they acquired Oculus and Instagram - don’t meddle with it.

That is not smart at all. Substance has become such necessary tool and an important part of the development pipeline. There is nothing quite like it. You can’t really swap it out for something else.

Without any real competition the smart thing for a soulless for-profit corporation like adobe would be to jack up the prices and milk it for everything they can.

Well… that’s pretty damn sad. :frowning:

Was going save some money to puchase substance painter but this news appears. So i was then going to get 3d coat indie but then i read its for non commercial use. I saw a tool called armorypaint 3d so hopefully it can be my new friend.

Thanks for sharing

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