All UV mapping software not responding

hello everyone I have a problem with UV mapping. I was doing good applying 2nd map to models until last night. I have 3ds max and blender but whenever i try to apply UV mapping the application starts to freeze. I notice it happened after I installed a Photoshop plugin for making a UV normals but the plugin was uninstalled and the problem persist. None of the software work when I try to apply UV mapping they freeze and give me the not responding notice.

what can i do to fix that if any of you know please let me know
thanks in advance

Are you sure what you mean by UV mapping? UV mapping is creating the UV coordinates for how the texture map will be mapped to a 3D mesh, it’s not something that would get a bug in multiple programs. If you’re talking about creating a texture map then you may have saved the file in an incompatible format.

Okay I try to add second UV channel to my mesh but for example in 3ds max when I use UV Wrapping and I go into tools and pack UVs the application freezes and not responding the same with blender when I try to give my mesh a second UV channel it freezes, it wasn’t happening until last night.

and thank you for replying that fast

What’s the vert count of your mesh → because when it is pretty high, it could take some time :wink:
Have you created the 2nd uv channel in blender with smart uv… or with lightmap pack?

yes i tried in blender i followed your tutorial but the same thing happened it freezes also.

Could you probably share one of your meshes so that we can take a look at it?

it uploads but is not showing in the window

Your model has too many polygons or the geometry is a mess, that will cause any 3d program to freeze when unwrapping!

okay but the program was doing fine and i even tried the old ones I added a second UV channel and it freezes too, it shouldn’t freeze with one that the program has already done
and thanks for the reply

Just upload it to rapidshare, dropbox,… or add me at skype: nasph96 :slight_smile:

But as LexLuthor1 and I said, mostly it is because of a too high poly mesh or a messed up geometry

Try uv tools with a basic box and see if it works .