All the meshes in the previewer turned black !!

As the title says , everything that lets you preview a mesh , shows a black screen , just like the light is turned off .
i mean static mesh viewer , skeletal mesh viewer , even the preview window of the material editor , everything is pitch black ! i can tell the model is there , since i can turn on wireframe mode and see that the model is there , but outside of wireframe mode , blackness !
If i place the meshes in the world , they are fine and look ok , but anything that previews a mesh is pitch black . it is just like when you have no light in an empty scene , and you turn on lit mode !
is there any setting to turn on/off the light in the mesh previewer ? you can choose your mode < lit , unlit …etc > in skeletal mesh viewer , but in lit mode , even skeletal meshes are pitch black… what do i do ?
in the below screenshot , i double clicked on a mesh selected on content browser , which is shipped with engine , to show the issue .

No one knows what is going on and why the previewer is black instead of showing the mesh ? anyone ?!

Could you probably post it onto answerhub? :slight_smile:

This is getting really annoying , i noticed even the physic asset viewer showing all black . i cant really edit anything unless i put it in the world . can a Developer or someone which knows what is wrong , help please ? i’m using 4.2 preview btw

PS. ok i’ll post there too .

Alt+3 will force unlit mode in mesh windows.

The fact that the actual light is gone sounds more like a bug.

Hi ShadowOf047,

As Fighter suggested, please post this on the AnswerHub in the bugs section for easier tracking and assisting you with this problem.

Once you post in the AnswerHub feel free to link it here for easier access to assist any other users that may have a similar problem.

Thank you!


I posted in the answerhub and it solved the problem .
I had the 4.2 preview version and upgrading the latest version < not preview> fixed the problem .
But , why it happened still remained mystery .

Thanks all for the responding .

When export from 3D aplication- in FBX- y"ll klook for vertion of plugin ? It must better if 2013 plug of FBX to using. And check smoose groop for best picter poligons) PS
your UV chanel is 2-, tern to 1 //may by.