All of my pawns are sharing one behaviour tree

Is this intended…? I figured each pawn would have it’s own controller with it’s own behaviour tree that runs individually but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

My AI is fairly simple. It checks it’s weight, if it has room, it checks for a task, if not it goes to a warehouse. The task is just collect stone or collect wood.

My first AI starts correctly. However, if I spawn another one, despite this pawns weight stat being fine, he will run back to the warehouse as if his weight was full - if the original pawns weight was full

Is there any way I can change this? I need them all to run on their own BT if possible… because right now, because of this, they’ll only run the Get Task task once which means they all do the same task. Basically they’re sharing the same blackboard. How can I fix this?

Yes you set some variables to by synced across instances. So behavior tree does exactly what you wanted it to do.
Check all keys in bboard, if they are synced.

Yep this was the case, I even had the yellow arrow to restore the default value of unsynced, so I must have clicked it by accident. Thanks!