All of a sudden, i cannot launch any games featuring UE4

I have now been through hell and backward trying to find out what this issue is, but it boils down to this; Any game featuring UE4, will crash the moment i launch it, and they will display essentially the same error message, “GPU has crashed”.

I’m using an MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Laptop, hosting the GTX 880M and an Intel HD Graphics 4600 chipset, that means an i7-4810M processor with an integrated GPU, and its this integrated GPU i think is the issue behind everything, the UE4 games can’t properly launch because it’s confused by the two GPUs. I have had this issue before, but it appeared to have been fixed 1 1/2 years ago, but after the newest Nvidia drivers came out, the games started having the same issue again.

I have attempted to install the UE4 pre-req redist manually, and i have sent crashlogs and system information to the devs of all games that has this issue, and even had a chat with a live support from N-vidia itself, who couldn’t find any issue other than my BIOS being “outdated”, and as far as i know, you shouldn’t really touch Laptop BIOS-es anyway.

So, what am i to do? Just wait until the issue fixes itself? I’m at a loss here, and any help would be appreciated.

That is clearly driver issues, intel GPUs are know to be problematic with UE4 so if nvidia fails to run it will crash. I hear many issues about newest nvidia driver together with Windows 10 Octorber update that included DXR (ray-tracing) support for 20 series cards, so you might consider reventing to older version of drivers until situation calms down.