All Lighting is only Green

Hello Watsonid,

I have a couple of questions for you in order to clarify what is happening within your scene.

1.) Can you link a copy of your DxDiag?
2.) Are you using static lighting in your scene and building lightmass?

What I suspect is happening is your lighting cache is being exceeded. If you enter the console command r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension 128 does this solve the issue?

After answering these questions and trying this quick troubleshoot I should have a better understanding of your machines specs, how you are handling the lighting in your scene, and if your LightingCache is being exceeded in your scene.


Hey guys, I am just starting to use UE4, and I honestly can’t get past the fact that any project, whether it’s a blank project, or premade one, all lighting is always green. I have tried uninstalling UE4 and reinstalling, but I still get the same problem, and have rebuilt the lighting to play the level and everything is still always green. I also updated my GPU driver, but it said it was up to date. I figure it’s on my computers end that is the issue here. Here’s a pic of the issue I’m having, the project is the " Realistic Rendering " project provided in the Epic Games launcher with absolutely no changes to anything in the original file. Thanks in advance!

Sure thanks . Yes I have built the lightmass. Yes I’m using a Directional Light Stationary, a Spot Light Static, and a few Spot Light Stationary lights. I tried the Cache command but nothing happened.

link text

From what you describe you say that no matter what project you open the screen is green. You have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as update your GPU. I don’t believe this is project specific or even UE4 specific based off of these troubleshoots and the increasing the LightingCache.

What I do see is that you are currently developing with 4MB of RAM. These are our currently recommended specs for developing with our software.

I believe your Intel(R) HD Graphics card along with the limitation of RAM of your system could be influencing what is drawn on screen when running UE4.