All DM's locked?

I’m not understanding why all the DM matches are locked in the hub? How do I get into a match? It’s been happening for the past 2 days now.


I think you’re talking about either Paragon or most probably Unreal Tournament, though both games are being developed by Epic Games, this is not the right place :slight_smile: this is Unreal Engine (which is not a game, rather the game engine behind all those games I talked about) :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I don’t track those games much but I think both game going under Development phases (Beta, maybe Alpha) so basically you can’t expect full fledged game yet.

Hi IBringsTheRuckus,

Assuming you are talking about Unreal Tournament, you can post your question at Unreal Tournament Forums. Since this forum is dedicated to Unreal Engine 4 I am closing this thread.