Alignment issues


I noticed that in the recent release i have issues with alignment…

previously i could throw a whole bunch of images from different shoots at RC and it would align everything nicely

now i get better results if i throw my images in 1 shoot at a time, align, then add the next shoot and align again (across all photos)

by shoot i mean across different cameras.

so for eg, if i add my DLSR photos first, align them, then add my drone photos next and align again i am getting much better results

is this normal ?

There is so many variables to this, that I cannot give any solid statement on this cause. The shooting style might have changed or your hardware even the settings of alignment. What I can suggest you is, according to how you mentioned you combine sets would be settings the image overlap to Low, Detector sensitivity to High and raising the number of features for detection to lets say 60,000. This would make for a more detailed inspection of the alignment algorithm, also counting on the images being far from each other as you use drone and dslr. Not saying this would make miracles but it might help your case.