AlFlakky's Sticker Note

2015-01-16 19-07-48 FreeStuff - Unreal Editor.png
Hello :slight_smile:

I had nothing to do, so i made a simple Sticker note model with a pin model.

Pack includes:
Note and Pin models
Some textures(Lerp masks, paper normal, pin lerp)
Blueprint with Construction Script setup(check out the video)

Oops! (4.9)
Oops! (4.6)
Stats: Paper -7.5x7.5cm, 10 polys; Pin - 0.5cm, 117 polys

Put StickerNote folder into your Content folder.

Btw, if someone need source files, write me a PM and I’ll send u.

Thank you for the gift ^^

Hi, the link is down, could you upload this again? Thanks for the gift AlFlakky.

Thank you :slight_smile: Fixed

please release it on ue 4.7

Added 4.6 version. Should work fine with 4.7

Is this still available and work with 4.19?