Alexander Land: A Blueprint Village Of Weird Stuff

Hey everyone!

As I am on my way out from Epic onto my new adventures, I thought you might appreciate if I shared with you a few of my blueprints I built for fun. This isn’t a collection of everything I ever made, but just a handful of useful items and blueprints to learn from.

I built it with 4.15, but it shouldn’t have problems converting up to 4.16.

Some of it is a bit disorganized and there may be a few extra bits of stray code here and there, but it should provide some decent examples a some common gameplay elements.


The AI Villagers

These villagers interact with eachother and their environment depending on their job. Behavior trees and EQS examples galore! Villagers collect coins and resources, thieves steal from them, guards kill thieves they catch. Villagers have UI if you use them with the ‘E’ key.

Nav Jumping

This is just a really simple example of using smartlinks to have AI jump between platforms (Thanks Lukasz and Mieszko!)


Coins, food, wood, batteries, etc. This project includes a lot of objects that can be used and picked up to alter stats or gain resources.

Advanced MyCharacter

This character comes with a lot of movement and interaction components built in. It can gather resources, buy AI Villagers, flashlight, health, UI, double jump, wall run, dash, etc (Thanks to Peter L Newton, I used his tutorials as inspiration)

Craps Table

Play the old traditional gambling game Craps on this table. Check out the comments to see how it all breaks down.

Anyway, I love you all and hope you enjoy the content here. I’ll probably pick it up and use it later for more tutorials and examples to share with you.

Thanks, Alexander.

Awe thanks Alex,
always going above and beyond the call of duty till the end.

I wish you well with your future endeavours and hopefully there are lots of cats involved :wink:

Thanks a lot! I have enjoyed watching and following you! Out of curiosity is there a link/post telling where you are leaving to?

Thank You for sharing :slight_smile: , wish you the best .

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!

Thanks Alex, really cool stuff!

…if you want to avoid SetValueAsVector - HomeLoc related warnings, regenerate building static mesh collisions (auto convex), because the location of Home triggerbox can be inaccessible by the navmesh…