alembic success and fails whats causing these errors?

I have successfully managed to get facial animation working using point cache via alembic, however it does not seem to like tessellation nor displacement and I am left with the mesh looking like its being pulled apart, like polys are missing this seems to change with the camera position…

I have attached a example hopefully some one will have some ideas

other notes it flips the UV’s of the head which is annoying
comes in with flipped axis and needs to have the z -1 to correct it

Right so just in case anyone else came up against this I think I may have worked out what was causing this odd spider web overlay. it seems like it may have been caused by the PN Triangle tessellation. If anyone has more information on this alembic set ups it would prove most helpful…


did you solve your problem with the spider-web texture? I turned off tessellation, but the web stays… No mather what i change in the import… a normal color goes fine… only texture is the problem. Can you or someone else help?