Alembic character exploded when imported to UE 4.26


I am having this issue when importing a character in UE 4.26 in alembic format. Please see attached image.

The character is made of multiple objects: head, torso, legs, props, etc

but when I import in UE all the objects are detached from their correct positions and some do play the animation while others do not.

The alembic loads as expected if I load it back into 3ds max. I even tried importing the alembic in 3ds Max an re exporting that but still get the same problem.

Any Idea why this is happening in UE
I have tried all the import options and even if I import as static mesh the character comes into UE disassembled :(:frowning:

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Hi @hmercado !

I’m running into the same problem… Did you figure it out how to fix it?

Sorry, I was not around this forum for such a long time

I did not try again with any alembic files

Did you find any solution?