akeytsu 2020 dev roadmap

Hi !

A few months back we unveiled our development roadmap with three major updates for rigging and 3D animation software akeytsu. Our goal this year is to fulfil the 3D animation needs of mid-sized studios with an accessible, permissive, efficient all inclusive toolbox.

Speaking with our users and consulting with external studios we have chosen to focus on the following areas of improvements: advanced controllers, automation, cinematic tools and of course behind-the-scene tech maintenance.

The roadmap for 2020 breaks down as follows:

PACK 1 – End April: Auto-Rigger, Audio Support, Looker, FBX importer / exporter overhaul

PACK 2 – July / August: Space Switching, Re-targeting, Cameras, Global IK Solving

**PACK 3 **– October / November: Meta-Controllers, Roll Joints

In 2019, we released many new updates such as Additive Layers, Geodesic Voxel Binding, Joint Light display mode, Blendshape Controls, Tween Machine, and Customisation options as well as many other software enhancements to expand akeytsu’s toolset. Here is the 2019 Feature Trailer :

The team is committed to continuously bring improvements into akeytsu and push for higher quality and better performance. We are aiming for three major releases every year.

You can read more about akeytsu’s 2020 roadmap here:

** -** Alia from the Nukeygara team