Air Ship Game - Navigation Help?

Hey guys,

Me and a partner have recently started working on a game based on Air-Ships and Air combat, kind of like pirates in the sky.
To get an idea of what I mean heres a quick google search - -

So basically, I’m having a hard time trying to find a way to get AI that navigates in air, seeing as Navmesh is used for landscapes and ground levels in general. What could i use as an alternative navigation method?

Another issue I’m foreseeing is when enemy ships are boarded, how would I go about getting the AI to engage in combat with navigation on a moving ship?

Any pointers would be a great help as me and my partner are pretty stumped with how to even approach this kind of system.

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know any way of having air navigation?

well, here you have a project with a flying IA. The navigation should be covered and you have where to start looking.

Thanks that will definitely be a good starting point for the AI