Aim Offset Yaw Snapping Beyond Limits

I have an aim offset with poses that require both pitch and yaw input. The pitch works perfectly fine, but when I hit the limit for yaw (-90,90) it snaps back to the beginning, if that makes sense. For example, My “middle” pose is at pitch 0, yaw 0. My “right” pose is at pitch 0, yaw 90. When the yaw is at 90 and I keep moving my mouse to the right, it “snaps” back to yaw 0 and will continue to loop as long as I keep moving the mouse to the right. It’s as though the clamp angles are not working fully. This is being done with a custom mesh/armature from blender. I replicated this with the UE4 Mannequin and I got the same result, so it must be an engine bug of some sort. Any insight is appreciated.

You might be experiencing gimbal lock issues. It’s hard to say without seeing any code though.

I also just replicated this exact scenario in 4.17 with the Mannequin and got the same result.