aim offset foot slipping issue

Hi, I’ve made a bunch of aim poses to use in an aim offset… when I animated the poses, I never touched the feet, however when I blend them in ue4, I’m getting foot slip issues


any ideas what could be causing the feet to slip?

I was also wondering how you can apply additive animations like this to only certain bones? ie, maybe add something to the entire right arm chain or something

thanks for any help on either of these issues

Personally I rotate the bones (normally the spine) rather than using poses in an aim space, I prefer the results and it avoids problems like these. However to apply an animation to a particular chain of bones you have the node ‘LayeredBlendPerBone’.

I’ve used aim spaces before and haven’t had a slip like this, I suspect this is not a bug and true to the pose, I’d check the poses again in your modelling software.