Ai wont move

Complete ai noobie here. i followed some tutorials to get the basics and get my ai moving so i made some functionality based on my needs so i created some custom locations for the ai to go to but its not working. am i missing something here?

Did you add a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume to your level where the AI is supposed to move?

yes its covering everywhere

could someone do me a favor and give me some clues as to what i need to do for my Ai;

-i want the Ai to patrol randomly in a pre defined locations like room hallway kitchen…
-as soon as the player is seen by enemy it should start chasing the player until the player is out of sight, and then the ai should go to the last location that the player was seen.
-the ai should investigate noise that was made by dropping items like a key or a handle.

Did you confirm that the behavior tree is running? Maybe you didn’t run it?