AI stuttering in NavMesh

Hey. I’ve finally started teaching myself AI and I seem to be having a problem when moving my AI across a navmeshbounds volume.
It seems to be stuttering every sensory interval from the pawn sensor.

Gif here:

The BP I am using is this simple one here:


Anyone know what I am doing wrong to cause this stuttering? Version I am using is 4.13.

The problem could be the event not firing often and/or the location not updating with the target.
I’m not 100% sure of that blueprint node having the “follow” behaviour. I’m not sure about this but it might not update with the target actor’s location… as in it might move to one spot, then the next, then the next.

I know for sure that using behaviour trees, the moveTo node there works for following actors. BehaviourTrees are how you should be driving your AI characters.

But as for this, as a debugging step try using OnTick-> AI MoveTo (get Player Pawn 0 )

I use moveto and no behaviourtree cause i needed hordes of lot of zombies to be in the world, so i made a leader -giving orders general npc who control others, so for each loop do it, so much better performance than programming it in behaviour tree :P, and it doesnt stutter, only some with no prediction system on Float pawn movement.

The stutter could be for the Navmeshvolume bad adjusted or something :S