AI Script (also scoreboard)

Hey! New to ue4 & I’m having trouble finding a tutorial on how to make an AI in an fps game… The ones I’ve found seem to either be outdated or not working. I’m also trying to add a scoreboard so when a player kills a mob they get, say 100 points on a scoreboard that resets and takes you to a gameover screen on death.

Could anyone link me to a tutorial or a guide that shows me how to make any of these?

A bit about my project if it helps:
I already have a pause menu, regenerating health system and a start screen menu. It’s an arena game where the AI will spawn in, run to the character and try and kill him. When he kills the AI he gets points on a scoreboard (that will hopefully, eventually be online). When the character dies, his score is send to the online leaderboard and the game resets.

Any help? And thanks in advance,