AI not working anymore after moving it to new level

Hi. I’ve created an AI character and at first it was place inside the main level. After that I’ve moved it inside a sublevel because I’ve created a ‘Loading screen’ and only after that the character should appear. Now my character is not moving anymore because NPC_AI fails to cast.

Hi, your navmesh for the AI is also loaded?

Hi. Yes, the navmesh is loaded. Now I see that there is a RecastNavMesh-Default after I hit the play, but it’s inside the main level. The error comes from the ChaneNPCSpeed because I can’t cast the NPC_AI and the speed remains at 0

Edit: If I check ‘Always Loaded’ on Gameplay map it’s working. If I load the map with blueprint it fails. It seems that NPC_AI is trying to cast to NPC but NPC it’s not yet loaded.

I can confirm, the exact issue was the mesh volume not covering the area containing the AI in the second level for me.