AI move to Blueprint Actor Problem


I’m currently working a project for University and I’m having a problem with some blueprints. I want some AI Actors which spawn into the world upon the game starting to move to a blueprint actor and once that actor is destroyed I want them to move to the next one until they destroy all three towers, similarly to how minions in MOBAs work, however I’m having difficulty figuring out what to do.

I’ve tried casts but cannot figure out what to put into the object wildcard for it to work, I don’t want to use target points since they would be moving to that rather than the tower. I’ve tried searching online for any tutorials but I can’t find anything.

I’d appreciate any help

thank you!

I’d recommend you to look for the behaviour trees tutorial, I’m sure there are plenty of them.
If you need a fast solution you should use GetAllActorsOfClass node with you tower class. Then you’ll have you something to cast. I think you should use actors tag to specify the order of movement.

I’ll try that out.
thank you!

it works thank you :smiley: