AI Motion loop

I would like to be able to have several AI characters walking around in my scene without having to pressing keys to make them move from point to point. What Do I place to create a walking loop that will take out my F and G triggers?

For a random move, follow this KitatusStudios tutorial :

For more specific moves, two ways i tried which worked fine :
Using boxes instead of target point and on begin overlap “simple move to” next box. Only things are that you need to define each next box in level blueprint and your characters will go through. (and set your z position to have it working)

Using splines. Not sure about the best way but at least as before using a box on start and coming back to start with spline, or for one way rides set location on end to near a new spline with a move to start point will work and will give ability to set the walks exactly how you want. I haven’t try splines enough to know the best way to have different ways (meaning for example in a street , turn at corner or wait for trafficlight to cross the street and then cross. I did it with boxes).

Maybe a mix would be cool.