AI follows with no Animations

Hey Everyone I posted my issue a bit ago and I’m still having a problem I can’t seem to figure out.

So I have 2 characters and when I switch possession I would like the un-possessed to follow the one in control. I set up 2 different AI Controllers 1 for my Main and 1 for my 2nd Character. BT’s are different too. I can swap my characters back and forth through a tutorial I watched but whenever I’m in control of the 2nd Character my Main follows with no animations. When I’m in control of my Main my 2nd Character follows fine with animations. Also if I were to add my Main blueprint to the level that character will follow with animations to my spawned in Main that I’m in control of, which it shouldn’t it should just follow my 2nd character.

I would appreciate all the help I can get I’ve been trying for over a week on this. If there’s any questions ask away.

All good everyone got it to work took me my whole life an error in my anim BP :confused: