AI Firing Laser not showing

So I basically have an AI firing at another AI, the damage it does is fine, the motion to attack is fine, the only thing not showing up is the laser.
The first image below is my blueprint for my laser which works totally fine when the player shoots it.

The second image is the blueprint I have in the BTT Task fire for the AI which cause the damage ok but the laser image wont show

The last image is my player controller blue which just is the simple firing of the laser which works fine.

I posted a video on the link below to show what is happening

Any help would be a big help… and a reminder I am new to blueprints.
thank you

If i am right, your visual effect “fire projectile” is called by your input fire in your player, so it is not called in your ai character which does not click. Add it to your ai character function. And as this is the same character you use for player do a double event with all in : the input for player and the other for tha ai character.