AI character not rotating correctly during multiplayer

I have a bunch of AI characters on the map who are set to find a random location, run to it, stop for 5 seconds, and repeat. On the server, everything looks fine but on the clients, the AI character doesn’t rotate correctly. They seem to run sideways but the animation blueprint is still registering them as running straight so I get a weird sliding look like they are moon walking. I have checked all of the different rotation options in the AI character movement settings with no luck.

Here is a video of it in action

One more bump… just noticed that the mesh is out of the capsule bounds on clients. Still looks fine on the server

Another bump since I think I know what is going on. In the attached screen is the client’s view. It appears that the AI movement component and capsule replicate correctly to joining players but for some reason the mesh spawns where it was placed on the map. But I can’t explain why the other pawn is attached to his mesh because they all have moved around before the client joined. Their rotation also doesn’t change on the client still.

Well, I spent 3 days pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and I finally found out that this was a bug in 4.16. I believe it was fixed in 4.17.2. I migrated my project to 4.18 and the AI is working as it should

We faced this bug and we solved it by setting the Relative Transform of the mesh to the one we want initially. This resets the mesh to the position of the Capsule.

That’s really helped me a lot mate.Thank you.