AI awareness for each other

Hello, im currently working on a small project and i got a problem i dont know how to solve.
I spawn dynamicly AI in my world, navigation for dynamicly spawned buildings works nice thanks to
obstacles, but how do i get awareness for other AI’s cause they always blocking each other and then haning trying to walk in each other. I know there is a setting to make them push away each other, but thats not what i want and if i set obstacles to the ai they cant move anymore.

What would be the correct way to set this up ?

Greez DarkSoe

Detour crowd AI is what you’re looking for. Watch this video:, if this is your problem then skip to about the 24:00 minute mark and do what the dude in the video does.

Detour crowd is an alternative way for AI to be aware of and avoid other AI agents. It has a bunch of advantages over RVO, which is the avoidance algorithm used on the default AI controller.

oh wow. that was easyer then i thought to solve. thx man.