AI Avoidance Advice


I’m making an isometric RPG. When there’s a whole bunch of NPCs neither the player or the NPCs can find a way to get past each other. Player uses point and click to move so it also uses AIController to move.

There is ‘RVO Avoidance’ and I enabled it, it only helps when there’s a single actor blocking the path and it wiggles back and forth until it finds a way around. The AI uses ‘Move to Actor’ for all movement currently. The player uses ‘Move to Location’ (and will use Move to Actor when I implement attacking etc).

Point is, both need to use pathfinding without getting stuck walking into each other. Also not sure about this ‘detour crowd’ thing since I’ve got everything setup in blueprints so I can’t use it without changing to code, can I?

Looking for some help on where to begin solving this. I am not experienced with AI (yet). Thanks.

There are 2 crowd system tutorials here in the content section I think. Both seem to work pretty well from the videos but, as far as I can tell, there is no perfect solution to this. The A.I. will always end up ‘sliding’ around other actors as I’m sure you’ve noticed in many games.