AI - annotations, eg. cover points (w/navmesh?), action areas – Best methods?

Hey guys, post is what it says on the tin ^

Specifically in the case of cover, ideally this could be generated with a nav mesh by detecting edges and approximate heights.

Has anyone had any experience implementing this kind of system?

ps: sorry if this is the wrong area!


I am no expert, so this is just how I would approach it.

I would probably try to add the cover points and the wall as a blueprint. So whenever you place it you would get the cover point. My next step would probably be to add a trigger and then have the AI react accordingly when they enter the trigger (e.g. Take cover, peek out, shoot, go back in to cover … if being fired upon stay in cover until the firing stops or there is a break and then peek out, shoot … rinse and repeat).

I haven’t tried doing this … my project(s) are approaching this mark but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Ideally these cover points could be grouped with environment objects, and those objects then stored as prefabs.

What I’d really like some insight on is the use of Navmesh edges to generate points, so if anyone knows please do hit me up with information!

Epic is working on a hot spot manager which when used with their environment query system will be well suited for auto generated sets of areas on navmesh in the world. For now you can use EQS to generate sets of points in the environment either at runtime or offline through various trace tests, distance checks, angle checks, nav mesh tests, or your own tests. Check out the last two AI support streams for more info.

My project is doing the latter with preset cover points in the world until the hot spot manager comes online.