Ah Hi I am new here and I had a question about compling the unreal engine

I am not a programming my main focus is 3D and Texture and Technological research on the current project
I am reading the instruction on compiling the Unreal Engine 4. And I understand the basic of it that pretty straight foward

But Essentially I want to combine multiple sources . the plan I’ve got at the moment is I wanted Unreal 4.7.3 With Substance Support and Vxiglobal Illumination
I have both the Vxiglobal illumination and I have the latest substance how exactly do I bring these 2 together in harmony ?

If anyone can answer or give a guide , i’d be greatful.

I think you only need to compile the VXGI version, then add the substance plugin by downloading it and adding it to the plug-in folder…I don’t believe there’s a need to use the allegorithmic branch in order to add substance support. (at least I didn’t need to)