After update I don't spawn a character

Hey rockstars!!

So I have a project. When 4.8 and 4.9 came out (I tried this on both) I went to my .uproject file (4.7), right click and choose, switch unreal version.

After I switch my version to either 4.8 or 4.9 , when I now press play only a movable camera spawns at my player start node. No character. Anyone else have this problem or have suggestions?

Thanks so much

There could be a variety of reasons that this happened, but go into your game mode and make sure that the player pawn default is correct, or go into Edit -> Project Settings -> Maps & Modes, and then make sure that that player pawn value is that of your player blueprint.

Any other suggestions if that did not work?


The solution from will work :wink:
Otherwise add your character bp to your level and press play -> then you shoul be abel to play the character

The problem was under world settings, I had an override somehow choosing a different game mode even though i was setting it correctly in Maps & Modes

Thanks all!